How blue light affects your eyes

How blue light affects your eyes



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Blue light is emitted from the sun as well as from objects and devices that use compact fluorescent light (CFL) and light emitting diode (LED). Digital devices like your cell phone, computer screen, e-tablets, and car headlights emit blue light because they utilize LED light source.

How does it affect us?

There are two types of blue light: blue-turquoise (beneficial) and blue-violet (harmful). Unprotected highblue light 2 energy visible (HEV) harmful blue light over-exposure and long hours of digital device usage affect us in 3 ways:

  1. Induces Digital Eye Strain: eye fatigue, dry eyes, headache, neck/shoulder and back pain
  2. Disrupts natural circadian rhythm causing sleep issues
  3. May cause long term retinal cell damage that can lead to macular degeneration*.

*More studies and time are needed to understand the full extent of HEV blue light damage. It is important that we protect our eyes from the harmful HEV blue light from both the sun and the digital devices.



How do we protect ourselves?


Protect your eyes, cut down Digital Eye Strain, and better regulate your circadian rhythm with glasses that  have blue light protection technology like Essilor Crizal Prevencia, Hoya Recharge, or Zeiss Blue Protect.

Apps like f.lux and Night Shift mode on iPhones will also dim and warm the color of the screens on your digital devices.

Dr. Noreen, Tox Doc

Dr. Noreen, Tox Doc

Dr. Noreen, also known as "The Tox Doc", is a toxicologist that specializes in environmental, space, food and nutritional toxicology. Her personal mission is to translate the language of science for non-scientists in order to educate and inform the public of critical issues that affect their health and quality of life.

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