TV & Radio Apperances
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TV & Radio Apperances

Dr Noreen is a technical expert on environmental factors and has appeared on a number of television and radio stations as a guest expert. Dr. Noreen Khan‐Mayberry is a professional Toxicologist specializing in environmental toxicology, space toxicology, food and nutrition toxicology and technical expert on environmental health issues and environmental remediation. Dr. Noreen’s core mission is to take her knowledge as a toxicologist and make it easily understandable to everyone in order to improve their quality of life.

“Dr. Noreen’s” latest book “Talking Toxicology”explains how to recognize and reduce personal exposures to toxic chemicals. Dr. Noreen has helped countless people identify sources of toxins and toxicants in their home and work environments.

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Dr. Noreen, Tox Doc

Dr. Noreen, Tox Doc

Dr. Noreen, also known as "The Tox Doc", is a toxicologist that specializes in environmental, space, food and nutritional toxicology. Her personal mission is to translate the language of science for non-scientists in order to educate and inform the public of critical issues that affect their health and quality of life.

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