Dr. Melanie Wilson Lawson | Global Citizen Honoree

Dr. Melanie Wilson Lawson | Global Citizen Honoree

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“Day-Job” is being an Associate Professor in the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences and the Executive Director for The Office of Continuing Education at Texas Southern University and my “Empty-Nester” Profession has evolved into becoming an Inner-Spirit Life Coach that focuses on Relationships and Lifestyles.


What inspired you to make a lifestyle change, start a movement or create a business?

My college students…they encouraged me to take the wisdom and guidance I would share in the classroom to the next level! It is because of them I decided to brand Doc Mel and work towards reaching a broader audience. All I want to do is help people!


Tell us what gives you the most joy working with nature?

Nature makes me feel serene and calm intrinsically! All of the sights and sounds nurture me in ways that keeps me charged and ready for whatever may come in my life. It’s my source of high octane fuel.


How has your change impacted you and/or others?

Being a relationship and lifestyle encourager as an inner-spirit life coach has impacted the lives of people I had no idea my social media presence would reach! Direct messages by so many followers, keeps me spirited about sharing whatever I can to help others live inspiring lives. Coaching people out of “temporary funks” experienced with daily living is my specialty. Essentially, I provide others with the type of guidance where they ultimately become equipped to take their inner-spirit health into their own hands!


What does your product represent about you?

That I’m a student of this universe always seeking to transcend into becoming a better version of my self….and I truly wish abundant light and transcendence to all I’ve been guided to reach out and touch while on my journey!


What was your background before starting your natural hobby or business? Tell us about you!

My background is eclectic as I have a bachelors in chemistry, masters in public health and a doctorate in social work! Currently I’m an associate professor and an executive director at a university. Doc Mel emerged as I became an “empty-nester” when my daughters left home for college….I had more time on my hands and before I knew it my idea evolved and continued to grow!


Why is it important for a woman to know her worth?

Knowing your worth gives you a sense of freedom to live an authentic life! Living a life that is authentic is one of the most challenging things to do in a society where worth is determined by comparing yourself with others and trying to “keep up with the Jones!” Women must understand that their worth is not dependent upon other people.


What do you hope women learn from you?

Women should learn that they innately have inner power that is instinctual when it comes to executing their lives on a daily basis. They should learn that no person, situation or circumstance has dominion over their worth as a woman. They should learn that they have the authority to redirect their lives when deemed necessary. Ultimately, they should learn that they have the inner strength to navigate their own sails in life to reach shores that are unimaginable and destinations that can surpass their wildest expectations!


What is your definition of success?

Success is an outcome determined by actions! You can have a successful marriage with actions that support that outcome. You can successfully finish college with actions that support that outcome. You can have a successful career with actions that support that outcome. You can raise a successful family with actions that support that outcome. You can successfully lose weight with actions that support that outcome. There is a direct relationship between success and actions. Essentially, success is an outcome that is dictated by one’s actions.

At what point did you realize you had become successful?

For each goal that has resulted in a positive outcome, is when I realized I had attained successes!


What is your favorite quote that reflects you or how you live your life?

It will be what it will be, so be it!


How would you describe yourself in one word and why?

Glow-Getter (noun), meaning “a busy gal who strives to achieve her goals in life while attaining a beautiful glow both inside and out…that truly seeks to inspire others along the way!”


Do you have a motto you live by to remind yourself of your worth?

“Every morning I feel born again and what I do on “that day” matters most…my worth is measured for me by how I navigate daily, with my moral compass as my guide. I engage my spirit to lend advice, wisdom, and inspiration knowing that I am made from starlight and love; and being armed with this knowledge helps me choose daily to live and love in God’s peculiar light…therefore my worth is in His hands!”


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Dr. Noreen, Tox Doc

Dr. Noreen, Tox Doc

Dr. Noreen, also known as "The Tox Doc", is a toxicologist that specializes in environmental, space, food and nutritional toxicology. Her personal mission is to translate the language of science for non-scientists in order to educate and inform the public of critical issues that affect their health and quality of life.

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