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Become a contributor

Read the following before submitting

Doctor Noreen seeks original healthy recipes, fitness tips, stories about taking nature into your own hands and natural remedies that identify with people around the world.

1. Familiarize yourself with what we like to publish by spending time on the site before submitting.

2. Avoid submitting on specific topics or story angles we’ve already published. Use the search function in the navbar above to review existing content.

3. Publishing rights – read our full Submission Guidelines.


Sending in your draft

1. Send an original draft (max 1500 words). Check spelling, punctuation, grammar, and facts. Submissions sent with numerous errors are unprofessional and will not be considered for publication.

2. Please do NOT embed photos in your submission document; simply indicate that photos are available upon request. If submitting a photo essay or other image-based piece, provide a link to a Flickr gallery or other URL where the images are viewable.

3. Submissions received without all accompanying info requested on the submission form will not be considered.

4. Because of the high volume of submissions we receive, we can’t guarantee a response if we’ve decided your piece isn’t a good fit. Please don’t take it personally — and after a month or two, feel free to submit something else.



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